Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Silence is golden for BA and the GDSs

With seven hours to go until the supposed British Airways-GDS negotiation deadline (midnight tonight), and not a whisper from any of five main protagonists...

In other words: everyone remains happy - for the moment.

Some reports today have said fees will not be passed onto travel agents which are booking tickets via GDSs, which is a bit of a non-story as no (dis)agreement has been reached anyway.

The deadline will also be missed, as we predicted last week.

The GDSs that have responded to inquiries have greeted us with a simple "no comment".

Can we expect a last-minute flurry activity? Will at least one of the main GDSs sign at the eleventh hour?

Probably not - but it would be interesting to hear the reaction of the others GDSs if just one deal was signed, as one source close to the negotiations suspected might happen when he spoke to us a few weeks back.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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