Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year’s resolution: Improving paid search campaigns - Part 2

Andrea van Eugen from AdPrecision continues her tips for New Year resolutions in PPC:

Part 1 here

Top tips:

  • Concentrate on specific ads with price points, stock availability, deliver messages in.
  • Don’t be afraid to use negative and specific matches on search terms.
  • Try to move away from generic searches – they simply eat into the budget.
  • Use a memorable domain name.
  • Make sure landing pages are as relevant to the search query as you can with easy navigation links and a “bookmark me” option for customer retention.
  • Track and compare results, maybe pause a campaign for a month and test a new one.
  • Explore new search engines. 2007 promises to be a competitive year with all search engines wanting a share of campaign budgets.
  • Optimise, optimise, optimise.
The search engines already look for ad relevancy to the search term and will ‘rank’ ads according to quality and landing page. It’s time to be more relevant.

Generic searches lack quality and will eat into any budget very quickly. So how is it possible to create enhanced search performance results? Simply by utilizing your existing data feed.

Convert all of your products, including misspellings into highly relevant ads – as if written by hand. All fields in your feed can easily be incorporated into keywords and produce seemingly limitless variations that will reduce your CPA and lower the average CPC.

Andrea van Eugen, account director at AdPrecision [email Andrea here]

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