Friday, January 05, 2007

Don't forget your laptop-arm-leg-teeth

Light-hearted end to everyone’s first week back from the Christmas and New Year break.

Apparently laptops are one of the most common items to be left behind in hotel rooms, followed by other electrical gadgets such as digital cameras and Ipods.

This startling revelation comes via Travelodge, who have compiled a list of most frequently discarded items across its 300 hotels in the UK.

Amazingly the most commonly abandoned possession is the ubiquitous mobile phone or charger, with – perhaps more understandably – toiletries and clothing in second and third place respectively.

If anyone ever chances upon a rather gummy looking guest or someone leaving the foyer of a hotel laden with luggage but minus an arm or leg, this is because false teeth or limbs also make the Top Ten.

The most unusual items, according to Travelodge, include a dossier belonging to a spy [how would they know that, apart from Top Secret being plastered across the front, perhaps?], a hollowed-out bible containing £250 in cash, and a six-foot length of snake skin.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Anonymous said...

Looks like the PR gurus for Travelodge have been racking their brains hard...

Anonymous said...

Thank God someone found my snakeskin, I wrapped it around the false leg so I wouldn't forget it!!

Anonymous said...

lol thx for the tip.I will get one for it