Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Look a little on closer on Henoo.com

Travel search engine Henoo.com has been getting a fair bit of attention recently, mostly for the launch of its car hire search engine (last week) and revamped holiday search tool (yesterday).

But what the Internet Business Group-owned website hasn't anounced officially is that the site has also quietly started testing its flight search section.

Chief executive Maziar Darvish hinted during an interview with Travolution in December that the site would be adding flight search at some point in the New Year.

So, with little fanfare, here it is...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Meme chose said...

I did three car hire searches in Spain and the only results which came back were from Alamo, so for a comparison service color me unimpressed.

The flight search I entered for London-Barcelona has so far taken two minutes to come up with no results at all.

Doesn't anyone think to try these services out before recommending them? That's a bit harsh I know, but it seems so often with the travel business we get the gushing praise and then find out that the new service involved is actually not that great.

P.S. Five minutes now, and counting...

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree about the car hire search - when running a search with a pickup/drop off in Alicante, Spain, I received results from various car hire companies, i.e. Sol-mar, Europacar, etc.

It's obvious that the flight search is not quite ready, but I ran a seach from LBA to Amsterdam, and I received a few results very quickly.

The package holiday search results need to be laid out better, as I found myself lost amongst all of the results.

There's obviously some improvements to be made, but it's going to be a good competitor against SideStep, Travel Supermarket etc. providing that it has the financial backing to market it self successfully to consumers.