Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Golden opportunity in Second Life

Here is a great chance for all you out there that might be curious/bemused about the role of Second Life and virtual worlds in general and their impact - if any - on travel.

Reperes, a cutting edge French market research company, are speaking at the Travolution Summit on April 24 on the subject of how travel might find mileage in using virtual worlds to target and utilise consumers.

They have offered, rather kindly we think, to conduct a survey of actual people in Second Life about how they might interact with travel brands and products in the virtual world.

  • Would you be more inclined to take notice of travel advertising messages in Second Life?
  • If travel companies road-tested products in Second Life, such as the Aloft Hotel project, would you see that as a useful method of canvassing the opnions of consumers?
That sort of thing...

Better still, Reperes is allowing Travolution to gather the questions of readers/users ahead of the survey being carried out in late-February.

Please email any questions/ideas you may to us or post them in the comments box below.

[Read about our first visit to the Aloft Hotel in October last year]

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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