Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wifi to Edinburgh

Glossy one-page brochure arrived in the post today from UK train operator GNER, plugging its new hi-speed wi-fi internet connection for passengers.

The operator boasts how within a few weeks all 41 trains in its fleet – running between London, Leeds and Edinburgh – will be fitted with wireless technology.

The brochure even suggests some handy tips for passing the time, for those that aren’t spending their travelling hours still working [Surely some mistake – Ed?]

But what are the costs?

First class passengers will be delighted to learn that the service is free.

Standard class will be charged £4.95 for one hour or £7.95 for two hours.

A 24-hour tariff is available, obviously for passengers with return tickets rather than those stuck for hours, say, just outside Berwick following a power failure!

Price of a single first class ticket from London to Edinburgh tomorrow morning at 9am is £148. Price of a standard ticket on the same route at the same time is £111.

Is it worth the £37 upgrade for constant access, free tea and coffee, a comfy seat and complimentary nibbles?

Tricky one...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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luxurytraveller said...

FIRST CLASS!!!!!!!!!!