Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A wee bit of praise

Travolution is in between a meeting of its executive advisory board and putting the September edition to bed this evening, so only time for a little self-congratulatory piece of back-slapping today.

An independent blog review site, Bloggeries, has cast its eye over the Travolution Blog and awarded us Four Stars and a nice write-up.

[That’s four out of five we hope - Ed]

The reviewers said: “The blog is very active as the content is updated nearly every day. I think the blog should be visited by not only those who are interested in travel industry but anyone who wants to pass time as you can find some really interesting news and articles.”

Very kind words, and many thanks.

NB: The latest edition of our magazine will be available from 22 September. And it’s a huge issue, all 104 pages dedicated to ten years of online travel.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


anticlutterman said...

personally i think some blogs are beginning to look quite crowded - there are so many feeds and links that it often ends up cluttering the pages. travolution is kind of getting that wayt, but the content is good.

Travolution blogger said...

interesting you mention that, anticlutterman. we feel the same, so are putting into place some radical ideas... watch this space.

Select World Travel said...

And Kev you might be interested to know that BLOGGERIES, doesn't as yet accept the url

Select World Travel said...

amendment to last post, their admin have quickly responded and added our blog.

Travolution blogger said...