Thursday, September 21, 2006

Opodo is so cool

According to tonight’s TheLondonPaper [Thursday], Opodo has emerged victorious as the highest scoring travel company in the latest list of so-called CoolBrands.

In a list of the coolest internet brands, Opodo came ninth behind – surprise, surprise – Google, Ebay, Amazon, Skype, the bizarrely named, Yahoo!, Getty Images and Ocado.

In the overall list of the groovy and the trendy, luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin came top, followed by fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and the ubiquitous Ipod.

So, good news and a well done to Simon Vincent et al.

However, bad news for, which has attempted to become the uber-trendy travel brand of recent years and, according to the CoolBrands panel and subsequent consumer vote, is lacking Opodo's secret touch.

So what is so cool about Opodo, rather than, TripAdvisor, Mr and Mrs Smith, even Ebookers?

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Anonymous said...

lastminute uses pink!

tripadvisor uses real people, so can't be cool!

mr and mrs smith is too trendy for something like coolbrands!

ebookers can't be found on google!

lastminutedefender said...

opodo has snappy ads, that's all.

what's the methodology behind 'coolbrands' anyway?

Anonymous said...

Opodo is just cool!!!! - accept it lastminutedefender

Anonymous said...

no - defender is right. LM is cool - it's rich, covers all sorts of different things. Opodo is really dry, functional, with a trendy ID (anyway pink is so cooler right now than dried blood red or whatever Opodo use). just the snappy ads are cooler and nice photos.

Anonymous said...

ebookers is very functional... once you get to it.
it is about travel and that is it. no touchy-feely, no blurb, just decent prices...