Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cool websites - according to Time

Everyone on holiday? Editorial no-brainers? Nothing else going on in the world?

Well, probably not the last one, but it does seem like everyone is falling over themselves to produce lists of “best ever websites” and the like at the moment.

Today’s offering comes courtesy of Time magazine in the US, which has produced a list of the 50 Coolest Websites.

"Many of this year's choices are shining examples of Web 2.0: next-generation sites offering dynamic new ways to inform and entertain, sites with cutting-edge tools to create, consume, share or discuss all manners of media, from blog posts to video clips," says the producer of the piece, Maryanne Murray Buechner.

So here are the five sites it selected from the travel sector:

* Meta search site Kayak

* Hotel and restaurant review site Yelp

* Car-sharing site Zipcar

* Airfare prediction site Farecast

* Public transport site Hopstop

Times has also picked a handful of search engines: Accoona (so-called artificial intelligence site) and Snap (apparently a serious competitor to Google).

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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