Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blue skies

Expedia.co.uk clearly knows how to grab a bit of publicity, demonstrated recently with a page three splash in Metro about its “survey” to find the World’s Best Blue Sky.

Running to coincide with the company’s Let Yourself Go ad campaign, a TV researcher from Glasgow, Anya Hohnbaum, won an online competition against 2,000 other hopefuls to whizz around the world for two months testing the quality of the globe’s blue skies.

[Why Expedia didn’t come to Travolution for this arduous but highly scientific task, we’ll never know – Ed]

Measuring colour, clarity, brightness, cloud density and “mood”, Hohnbaum judged the skies above Rio de Janeiro to take the accolade of the world’s best blue sky.

Hohnbaum kept a journal of the trip, but failed to mention why she didn’t visit Travolution Towers in Sutton, Surrey, where – as our photo indicates – the sun always shines (apparently).

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Select World Travel said...

Going to the other extreme, Our Westie had us up at Three O'Clock the other Morning wanting to go and chase the malvern Nightlife, When I opened the door I couldn't believe the Night Sky, absolutely full of Stars and planets. I could just see Patrick Moore being in his element. I expect the best place to see the best Night sky must be anywhere where you can experience the Northern Lights.

Travolution blogger said...

Travolution will be sampling those vey skies and recharging its depleted batteries this weekend, at The Big Chill festival at Eastnor Castle.