Monday, July 31, 2006

State of the Nation stuff

During the next week, Travolution and Travel Weekly readers will receive an invitation to take part in our State of the Nation report.

It will take just five minutes to complete the questionnaire and we are extremely grateful, in advance, for your efforts.

We have spent the summer busily producing a series of surveys that we hope will give readers a in-depth appraisal of the travel industry, a decade on from the first serious influx of travel websites.

The results will be published in the September edition of our magazine, when we will be marking ten years of online travel.

Once the trade survey is completed, we will have a trio of studies: trade, consumer (produced by Metro newspaper) and consumer satisfaction (produced by Lorien Research).

In the meantime, a week has passed since we launched our online poll to find The Influential Ten.

It would, of course, be careless of us to disclose how the poll is shaping up so far, except to say there have been some surprising frontrunners from our shortlist of 20 of the industry’s pioneers and innovators from the last ten years.

Remember to cast your vote.

The results of the poll will also feature in our September edition.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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