Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Travolution@ITT - Part 4 - We can all adapt to the new world

Arjo Ghosh from Spannerworks writes:

So 40 degrees in the shade, a "lazy river", with inflatable rings for good measure winding its way through the resort, and thus far impeccable service and food make my first ITT a memorable visit - and that was only day one.

Although ITT's annual soiree is more intimate and less structured than Abta’s convention, the open nature of the travel industry is still very much evident.

Delegates are equally happy to share their knowledge and to discuss issues facing the industry, including the challenges posed by digital media.

Although still very much focused on the ROI performance of their interactive marketing, I sense that, at a senior level, the integration of content, brand, and multiple distribution channels is being seriously debated and I eagerly look forward to Wednesday's session on search.

My guess is that many travel professionals “get it” faster and in greater depth than other industries and are willing to do something about “travel 2.0” now.

The challenge to specialist agencies like Spannerworks is our adaptability. Travel needs are sometimes unique and always varied - isn't this what online was made for?

So, so far, refreshing, enjoyable and highly interactive, but not in a digital sense.

Arjo Ghosh, chief executive, Spannerworks

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