Monday, June 12, 2006

Travolution@ITT - Part 3 - Sinks and lazy rivers

A relieved Charlotte Davies, of Travolution, writes:

A lot has happened since leaving the shores of a hot and sunny England.

For one, England no longer seems so hot and sunny compared to the blistering heat of Oman, and I am reminded, once again, of how fortunate I am to be working in the travel industry, attending my first ITT conference in Oman.

Staying in the recently opened Shangri-La Resort, near Muscat, I am astounded with the friendliness and helpfulness of the people of Oman, particularly those working in the hotel.

It was never my intention to test the service levels of the hotel, but when the duty manager turned up at my room, upon my request for a hairbrush earlier in the evening, at 1am – naturally which I needed desperately – I realised I was in for a treat.

Around midday today, I managed to lose my contact lens down the sink. Immediately a three-man team arrived to dismantle the sink and rescue the missing yet important part of my body.

Again I do not plan for these to happen [Really? Ed], but I would rather they happen when I stay at a Shangri-La resort than anywhere else.

Anyway, I am here to work, so after a dolphin spotting trip, I wandered to the pool, to make new acquaintances. Luckily, my colleague Jackie, from DG&G, was there to provide new contacts en masse.

Later in the afternoon, I found myself in a rather bizarre situation, floating in an inflatable dinghy down the Lazy River, which connects the Al Waha and Al Bandar hotels in the resort.

A fellow floatee, a thoroughly pleasant Scotsman, called Brendan, from long haul tour operator If Only, repeatedly asked me: “What do you do at Travelocity?”

Crushed, after ten months plugging this Travolution brand of ours, I now realise that my work is not yet complete!

[Thanks to Kieran from Virgin Holidays, Frank from Traveltek, Diane from Toner Marketing, Matt from Teletext Holidays and, of course, Brendan from If Only, for making this an enjoyable visit so far]

Charlotte Davies, sales and sponsorship manager, Travolution

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