Monday, November 07, 2005

International division increases share of Expedia business

Expedia’s non-European operations are playing an increasingly important role in the business as revenues leapt more than 40% in the third quarter.
Its international business, which includes the UK, Germany, France, China, Italy, Canada and Holland accounted for 22% - £73 million – of its total revenues, an increase of 43%. In the third period last year, international business accounted for 18% of revenue.
Gross bookings in the international operation also climbed, by 39% to £508 million. It now accounts for 23% of total gross bookings, up from 19%
Overall gross bookings increased 21% to £2.23 billion with group revenue now at £334 million.
The online agency said worldwide merchant hotel rates, acquisitions and growth in car rental business all contributed to the revenue improvement while hurricanes and terrorist attacks all had an impact.

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