Friday, November 04, 2005

Advantage relaunch dynamic packaging technology

Advantage Travel Centres has unveiled its remodelled dynamic packaging technology including an expanded range of product and flexible pricing.
The new-look system, Advantage4Holidays, will enable agents to set their own commission levels and package up a greater range of content through XML feeds.
Management, who have been working on the project for six months, described phase 2 of the technology as a “significant step forward” for the consortium.
Speaking to Travolution after showcasing the system to agents at a series of mini-conferences across the country, head of development Ken McLeod said: “It’s a very different animal from the original. We needed to get a system online for the summer 2005 season but it’s relatively limited compared to the upgraded version.
“We are taking far more XML feeds and giving agents, which provides members with far more product, but one of the biggest developments is pricing.
“Prices will default to a certain commission level but agents have the option to adjust either the price or rate of commission.
“If a holiday is £800 and they want to to sell it for £775 to compete with Lunn Poly down the road then they can.
“It give them total flexibility and allows them to more effectively control their margins.”
Agents can also choose the default commission level, said McLeod.
He said the look and speed of the site is also vastly superior while customers will have far greater choice.
“As an example, the first system was restricted to durations of three, five, seven and 14 nights,” said McLeod. “There is now a choice of one to 45 nights.”
He added short it would soon be looking at lifestyle product including football and theatre tickets.

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