Wednesday, June 08, 2005


With BA set to launch a dynamic packaging module the heat is on! Things only get better for the customer or do they? As a customer is dynamic packaging and the shift in the distribution chains what I need and want.

Ultimately, the customer doesn't care if it's dynamic packaging , a package, Taylor-made or any other combination as long as it delivers quality, choice, and value in an easy, understandable and secure manner. The issue is BRAND, do I trust the brand I'm purchasing from to deliver on these. What values do I associate with the brand - quality, flexibility and security or is it a brand that simply implies bargain basement prices.

Dynamic packaging through the Internet will soon mean any site with traffic and a trusted brand can effectively sell holidays. Who knows - Tesco's, Barclays, Amazon, e-Bay?


Wired Vix said...

I've held senior posts in the travel industry for many years and I'm intrigued by what's going on. I think the industry needs to sit down and understand the online medioum and its potential. We need to seriously differentiate the online brand- everything seems to be about price and this can only go one way. There's nothing dynamic about going bust!

Colin said...

I disagree strongly. I use the web and all its benefits to sell holidays, flights and cruises. We dont' discount and find those using the web tend to feel they are getting a good deal anyway. By using Google Adwords to attract targetted traffic, (we only pay for hits to our site), we have dramatically reduced our traditional marketing spend, attract visitors from all over the Uk and worldwide and have a very profitable business that can only operate in this fashion because of the web and new technology. Far from going bust we are in our 5th highly profitable year working in this way. Sorry about this, but why should the "industry sit down and understand the medium"? Its happening now. I am mid-fifties, totally self-taught in this and nobody helped me. I am more than happy to help anyone who asks but nobody owes us a living, we need to investigate and graps this for oursleves. (Sorry if this all sounds a bit preachy!! - Not meant too!). I think this is the most exciting time to be in the travel business and I have been in it for 30 years. You can rapidly build a new brand doing all of the above and match the big boys. Bring it on!!

Neil Stiles said...
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Neil Stiles said...

Sorry for my last post, I wish I could say it was Zen but as you guessed poor keyboard skills. Two very interesting posts. It would be nice to think that " the industry should or could sit down.." and think the web through but the facts are that the web is above all Darwinian and the reveiw will I fear be in retropect. The post web travel industry will be very different and planning it's future will be virtually impossible. It may even be worse for the consumer as well as some in the travel industry but we will know this after the event and regret it not during or before.As a publisher my organisation has had periodic bouts of analysis and denial over the web. We have occasionally even wondered whether we can "buck" the trend using our market power or plan the busines model we might use to get best advantage from the web. In truth the things that have worked best for us have been getting in there and experimenting. Above all we have decided that everything will eventualy move to te web. Now, do we believe this ? no, but it serves to scare the business enough to get action.

InternetGuru said...

"Who says we can't?"
Colin is the modern, forward thinking travel professional and his story should be held up as an example to all in the industry. While others want to talk, ponder, research and pontificate, he just did it and it worked.

This opportunity is not exclusive to Colin but available to all and as he points out, is not rocket science either!

There will be successes and failures, no doubt but travel is attracting all comers in to its midst and its the Internet that has made this possible.

A much respected industry colleague of mine said very recently "It's like the wild west out there and I love it" and he was spot on because "out there" the rules are still being written, search engines continually evolving and making or even breaking anyone that fails to interpret or adapt the required strategy. To some its very scary, to others hugely exciting but one things for sure, opportunity knocks! Who shot Jesse James?