Monday, October 15, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: TripAdvisorites in the UK will be first to see new site

Further to our news story, UK users will be the lucky ones at some point today to see the all-new TripAdvisor website.

Bosses are promising a "clean, simple and organised" offering - a far cry, many will point out, from the haphazard structure of the current TripAdvisor site.

Chief executive Steve Kaufer admitted to us last year that the homepage in particular had grown rather cluttered, principally because they wanted to add more gizmos and functionality all the time.

Of course, over time, this leads to a rather messy site.

A screengrab:

UPDATE: There is a user preview tour available. [Thanks to Alex Bainbridge for the link]

UPDATE II: Alex also has some initial analysis of the site.

UPDATE III: Tim Hughes reckons it's looking more like retail site. Indeed it is...

UPDATE IV: Mashable is spreading the word.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Anonymous said...

Is that a "click here" on the New York details page? (on the new design)?


New design looks good though.

Travolution Blogger said...

Alex: As of 13.45 BST it hasn't changed!!

Anonymous said...

Kevin, yeah - but I was looking at their preview site :)
best wishes. Alex

Anonymous said...

You can tell this is the new one - as accommodation is misspelt on the homepage.... I am sure they will have that one fixed by the time they get it live (these are probably just design mockups)

Travolution Blogger said...

Alex: TripAdvisor tell me they are gradually pushing it out during the day. Some users will not see it immediately...

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Brussels is in Croatia and in Cyprus? Prague is in the Faroe Islands? There are lots of mistakes in the list of countries on the europe page.

Obviously a bug but it still reflects poorly.

Travolution Blogger said...

Toby: well spotted. i suspect these will be sorted soon.