Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Something or nothing?

A collective scratching of heads at Travolution Towers this week when the Squeeze Holidays launch press release came through.

[see today’s news story]

Not over its bold statement that it would take "significant market share within its first year of business", but the fact that Paul Evans, CEO of lowcosttravelgroup, was quoted in the release.

Evans “lauded” the arrival of the site – a fantastically archaic word in a release about a dotcom start-up. He said: “Having worked with team in previous guises over the years I have every faith that SqueezeHolidays.com will soon be a formidable player in the online travel arena."

Formidable enough to take some of lowcostravelgroup’s market share?

There is no obvious connection between the two organisations, but that’s not to say there aren’t any less obvious ones. Readers can make their own conclusions about the line regarding an unnamed partner in the story:

SqueezeHolidays has launched with a range of beach accommodation sourced from 'one of the well-known bedbanks'.
We eagerly await Squeeze Holidays' “further announcements in due course”.

[NOTE: The announcement on Neutron Ventures’ web site doesn’t mention Evans’ testimonial. Curious and curiouser...}

Martin Cowen, chief writer, Travolution


Darren Cronian said...

Squeeze holidays sounds very 80's don't you think? :)

Travolution Blogger said...

Squeeze was a formidable pop/new wave band in the 70s and 80s, if that's what you mean. :-)

resort said...
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Travolution Blogger said...

Resort: link-baiting. keep comments relevant to the post.

Maz Darvish said...

I would just like to point out that SqueezeHolidays.com does not work exclusively with one bed bank! All I had said in the interview was that we were working with at least one well known bed bank!

Travolution Blogger said...

Maz: thanks for clarifying that. maybe you would like to share the names of the other bedbanks?