Friday, September 26, 2008

Heads up: Changes to the Travolution Blog

In the next five days or so you will need to change your RSS feeds and bookmarks for the Travolution Blog.

We are moving the entire blog onto a new platform (Movable Type) which coincidentally will sit inside the all new Travolution website, which launches - all going well - next week.

All existing content will be migrated into the new system. Yes, I know, we're going to lose a lot of inbound links - so Blogrolls will need to be changed as well (please).

We will publish the new feeds here and on the new Travolution site in the coming days.

Just giving you all prior warning...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Merrill said...

As you are using Feedburner, you can let your suscribers (I am one of them!) keep the same feed. you just have to change the original feed in your admin panel. That would prevent you from losing any subscribers.

DJ said...

Kevin - 2 words: 301 redirect ;o)

Happy Hotelier said...

Going back in time to MT?