Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who will blink first?



American Airlines


Someone will have to.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Barrett said...

5 quid on AA. It's the better hand. ;-)

Alex Bainbridge said...

Do Kayak need AA more than AA need Kayak?

For AA, if they lose Kayak, so what. For Kayak, if they loose AA (and this makes other airlines rethink their policies on price comparison intermediaries), then this would be bad news.

Hence Kayak will blink first.

[And to follow the theme of the last comment.... AA will only blink if you have a bad connection on the battery....]

Joe Buhler said...

IMHO if you're an intermediary - even a somewhat influential one - you're still in a more precarious position than the supplier of the service.

My guess is AA won't blink first on this one.

JX said...

Maybe they'll blink at exactly the same time, and miss each other!:-||-: