Wednesday, July 16, 2008

With friends like this...

We think Kuoni's latest tips to recall your holiday might be a recipe for disaster.

The operator has got together with memory expert and cognitive psychotherapist, Professor Martin Conway from the University of Leeds, to devise ways to keep the memories alive, which don't include buying tacky sounvenirs.

It's all about using your senses and top of the tip list is holding a dinner party and serving some of the food you ate on holiday while taking your guests through the trip with holiday snaps.

Could this be a step too far? That old 'you had to be there', saying rings true and friends don't really want to hear about your holiday in that much detail.

Other tips are a little more realistic such as finding a local restaurant which serves similar food and taking lots of photos.

The final tip could again be a bit of a friendship-breaker - as the operator suggests telling everyone about your holiday.


Linda Fox, lead reporter, Travolution

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Darren Cronian said...

Linda, I've realised why travel companies like sending press releases with travel tips - traffic!

This week on Travel Rants I've published travel tips, from travel companies and bloggers, and BOOM!

Traffic has exploded. For a company like Kuoni the extra traffic could result in more sales, for me it's just bragging rights! ;)