Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mobile travel blog - a bit like others but looks good

A press release from we featured on the main site today is rather interesting.

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Anyway, it's a mobile based service which allows users to update a "journal" (blog!) on the move, which is not new, of course, but then the automatic interface it uses is rather nice.

The Telestial demo.

And some screen shots.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


JX said...

Didn't see this before I wrote my Travel-Rants comment.I'm sure that Rep/event could find this site handy!!

Travolution Blogger said...

JX: i think you might be a few years ahead of your time there. :-)

Sam I Am said...

Hmm, looks like ekit to me, just branded as Telestial...

JX, you're definitely ahead of your time. I remember attending WYSTC a few years ago (05) and everyone we spoke to about an affiliate travel blogging system that could be updated by mobile just didn't get it. I expect by 2010 some of the bigger, slower orgs might get the hang of it!!

JX said...

Maybe you're right, but remember when old/new Captain Picard on Star Trek said 'Make it so' why don't people change it around and say 'Lets make it so!;-D

Changing the subject a bit, does anyone know about this September 15th 'Called Drop Dead day' when a lot of U.S airlines are grounding as much as 15% of their capicity across the country.? I read it somwhere on Peter , but haven't heard much since... anyone?


JX said...

I have thought a lot about my last comment on this page about the 15/9 supposed plan by the airlines, and in hindsight I think that my delivery of posing the question of does anyone know of this, may have appeared arrogant or slightly self-righteous, so apologies for that.
I try to say to myself everyday that I know nothing and what I do know about I know very little of that, and thus try and keep reality in check at all times. I am a relative newbie to this business and other the past year or so I have followed and tried to understand the workings of this great and full of potential industry and I for one would like to make a valuable contribution through my future service. But at all these future times I may not always be right and I know I may go off the curve ball as they say in the States a bit and maybe my ideas and thoughts may not always gel or just not be realistic at these present times or maybe some may not even be feasible, but I do try and look at whats happening and what needs to be addressed in the most logical way(BTW I am not Spock@><@);-D I remembered someone said to me 'That a problem is a solution waiting to happen' and I hope I can come up with some solutions where and when I can.
In respect to speculation I will not try and go there, the facts and events dear boy..can't rememeber who said that but someone did, they always quote it somewhere usually alongside the current woes of a beleaguered PM etc.
Anyway before I do the comment page of Travolution's great and thought provoking blog in, I would just like to say about the September 15th thing, the thing I don't like is when companies try and pull the wool over peoples eyes, and according to recent PKF Consulting's research just 1% decline in airline capacity will result in a .40% decline in hotel demand so if they are right and who ever sourced the news for the 15/9 thing; then that translates into quite a big drop for Hotel business and will effect thousands of jobs and service and services, and so what got me was that they seem to be not playing ball with the transparency of customer care to their customers and clients, we all know times are bad what with the oil price etc. But, just try and be be honest and your customers may/will respect you, so in summary thats why I got all worked up and asked for answers I don't know them nor do millions of others, but maybe in September when they issue their press releases it may be too little or too late for those who would be vulnerable to this high reduction. OK I'll shut the up now. So again I'm very sorry.

JX said...

Here is a link for some, more TBC proposed capacity cuts:

Anonymous said...

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