Friday, July 11, 2008

Men are better than women - says top woman

To the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington yesterday, where the great and the good of the female variety met for the Association of Women Travel Executives summer lunch.

Your correspondent was invited into the inner sanctum to host an interview on-stage with Carol Marlow, president and managing director of luxury cruise company, Cunard, and member of the Carnival Cruise board in the UK.

Distinctly un-Travolution territory, in more ways than one, but a rather enjoyable event.

One of the guests over lunch explained to me why women conduct business in different ways then men - more considerate, creative, social.

Roll on an hour or so and my final question to Marlow: "What kind of company would Cunard be if it had a man as its president and managing director?"

After bluffing a bit, Marlow made the sisterhood scratch their heads slightly, when she said:

"It would probably be better run."

Her ongue was probably planted very firmly in her cheek, but it was a funny moment.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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