Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Always wear clean undies!

When your mother told you to always put on clean underwear before leaving the house you probably thought it was in case of an accident.

Well, it seems mothers out there are far more advanced, technologically speaking, than we ever thought.

What our mums were really thinking was new technology about to be introduced at airports across the US that can see through your clothes.

Read the full story from the Chicago Tribune but it seems it's lumps, bumps, warts and all!

Some may call it an infringement of civil liberties blah blah, others are happy for it to go ahead in the interests of security.

Passengers can of course object and opt for the traditional frisk or worst case scenario - strip search!

Choose your poison but Chicago's O'Hare airport will be among the first to get the full-body imaging machines.

Linda Fox, lead reporter, Travolution

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