Friday, June 06, 2008

Travel in the BB House

Any Big Brother fans out there?

No, I thought as much but to get over the boredom of another series we thought we could come up with a fantasy travel big brother house.

Where? How about the Aphrodite Hills Resort in Cyprus - we hear there might be a few travel people out there quite soon for some conference thingy.

And, besides the travel industry loves a lock-in.

We need some glamour so let's have Ian McCaig of lastminute and Steve Endacott of the On Holiday Group.

We also need someone for them to have a fight with so that it makes interesting viewing so that means the entire Google travel team!

A US contingent would also add some colour if Kayak's Steve Kafner could make himself available or maybe Bill Gates.

Failing that we could organise a live satellite link-up.

But, what would they talk about all day, who would do the cooking and more importantly who would be evicted first?

Suggestions please and feel free to add to the fantasy BB travel team, some female company could even things out a bit.

Linda Fox, lead reporter, Travolution

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