Monday, June 16, 2008

Resilient Brits still spending

There's quite a few of these surveys around at the moment all showing the impact of (or lack 0f) credit crunch and rising prices on Britain's holidaymakers.

Tripadvisor's annual summer survey is no exception although it does compare Britons with other travellers worldwide.

Here are the headline findings:

21% of Britons said the high price of fuel would affect their plans compared to 41% of travellers globally.

21% said they would take fewer car trips to save on fuel compared to 31% of all travellers - (clearly the survey was carried out before the lorry drivers' strike).

Meanwhile, the weakening of the pound against the Euro will push travellers to seek out cheaper accommodation or travel to destinations not adversely affected by the exchange rates, according to the study.

Now, here's the really interesting bit - 61% are planning to take the same amount of time off this summer and 25% are planning to take more time off.

It does question where all the talk of looming recession is coming from - airports are packed, planes are full and Brits are as unwilling as ever to give up their annual holiday abroad.

Unsurprisingly, seaside holidays were the most popular among the 4,000 people questioned and 61% said they were planning to visit a beach destination.

And top of the hot list of summer holiday activities was relaxing (66%) followed by city sightseeing and shopping.

Linda Fox, lead reporter, Travolution

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