Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Novel approach to keeping travel agents on their toes - fine the hell out of 'em

As Leftfield, one of FlightGlobal's blogs says: "Airlines may say they love travel agents, and maybe they do, but they have an odd way of showing it."

Delta Airlines
is making sure agencies tow the line by double-checking all bookings they make via a GDS for errors.

But the carrier will not just send a strongly worded email for cock-ups or other misdemeanors, oh no.

Passive bookings (ghost bookings) will see the agent charged $3.50.

Hmm. That's quite steep.

But a bank-busting $50 will slapped on agents automatically (via the Airlines Reporting Corp) if they make an invalid name-change to a booking or are found to be making naughty block bookings - which it calls "duplicative, fraudulent, fictitious, and speculative reservations" - to reserve fares.


Be warned - The Airlines Strike Back!

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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FacebookDater said...

Well, that is just sick... further to that if an online travelling agency, has more than 2% charge backs, from customers paying with credit cards, (in most countries, you can just call your bank and state that you did not order that trip) you are in grave danger of loosing your option to pay with Visa and Master card! Yikes!! :D