Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Troogle returns - in Lite format

According to an article in BusinessWeek in the US, Google is considering ramping up its travel services.

The article says "the goal of Google’s travel division - aside from tapping into the $90+ billion global travel ad and sales market - is to give users a destination where they can research travel plans, read user reviews, and see user uploaded videos and photos".

This undoutbedly would be a sensible move for Google.

And, indeed, is the thinking of about as senior person in the global travel Googleplex, managing director for travel in the US, Rob Torres.

But, of course, Torres is quick to add the caveat most will be asking themselves:

It’s worth noting one thing that any future Google offering won’t have—airline fares or hotel bookings. Even Google is unwilling to try its hand at the part of the beleaguered industry’s business. The customer service investment is huge, explains Torres. Moreover, travel sites and airlines are some of Google’s largest advertisers.
Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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TourPro said...

I think you're probably right that for now Google will not want to deal directly with booking transactions. At least not while the OTA's continue to throw money at them.

I could definitely see a larger partnership with sites like Kayak though.

Claude said...


I suggest you read a post I made some time ago in the Jens blog (Tourism Internet Marketing)

Google Universal Search and your travel industry business. Are you ready?

You will understand the new game!

Best regards from France


William Bakker said...

Google is already moving in the travel space. It's done subtle and through small steps.

It's inevitable they'll enter into travel meta search. It's too big. And now Microsoft bought Farecast, they'll need to make a move.

More details in my post.

Alex said...

Well if Claude and William are going to "pimp their blogs" then I should have a go as well.

Of course, I have a post about Google / travel as well!

Google travel strategy