Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sense of Perspective 2.0

Or not...

Despite the apparent economic slowdown and subsequent belt tightening, some might argue monetary madness reigns supreme.

Here in the UK, agency consortium Advantage Travel Centres is the subject of much speculation about its future following rumours that Australian travel giant Stella is on the brink of a takeover of the business.

The figure banded being talked about in most sensible circles is around £8 million.

Meanwhile, some might say, over in la-la land, micro-blogging service Twitter is apparently worth $95 million (that's £47 million).

This is on the back of Kayak's purchase of Sidestep last December for around $160 million (£90 million at the time) - a move Steve Hafner recently admitted was primarily for the traffic.

So the question: is traffic worth more than structure?

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Steve E said...

Yes; traffic is worth more than structure if you can monetise it. That might be Twitters problem...

Guillaume said...

Hi Travolution and readers!

I wonder when this nonsense of crazy evaluation is going to end in the web 2.0 arena where everything is based on traffic and not how you put some money in the bank through that traffic. Twitter = great tool (I use at least once a week) but where do you see that company making money for the moment ? Nowhere. OK, let's assume Twitter start putting some advertising messages at the beginning or at the end of your 144 characters SMS type micro post...will you still use it? Will you still read it? Probably not. The future will tell...

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