Monday, May 19, 2008

Hands up who will give the government details of every trip they go on?

Hmmm. Not many...

The UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office has created a new online service - called Locate - to encourage people to register with them about where they are going every time they travel abroad.

Use our new Locate service to tell us where you’re travelling to so our embassy and crisis staff can provide better assistance in an emergency such as a tsunami or terrorist attack.
The idea behind it is obviously to give reassurance to friends and families back home that in the event of a incident, government officials will be able to help track victims more easily.

A potential problem is whether citizens will be moved enough to send details of the whereabouts to the state in the first place.

Given that there is enough fear of the Big Brother culture in the UK as it is, it seems unlikely that this will get the traction officials are be hoping for.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Anonymous said...

It's so that they can rob your house while your away!
Also, so that they can tax you 10% and for your troubles a crackerjack pen and a pair of sunglasses!

Alex Bainbridge said...

I think you are missing the point re traction. With the people this is aimed at, this will be supported strongly

Best wishes

Travolution Blogger said...

Alex: not missing the point, just got a different point of view to you.

hope that's allowed. :-)

Alex Bainbridge said...


Nathan Midgley said...

It will come down to how the FCO markets it. I don't have the same reservations about people's willingness to use it, but it won't stay front of mind unless it is pushed wherever travel is being booked or organised. Not sure what the FCO's plans are in that respect - would be interesting to find out.