Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Web Mission doesn't like its hotel at all - user generated content in action

There is a tour this week in Silicon Valley by a group of 20 UK start-ups, under the rather grand title of banner Web Mission 08.

Peter Ward from WAYN is on it.

The idea that a group of bright young things is running amok in Techland, California, has created a fair bit of debate and an equal number of angry responses.

Anyway, a reader emailed this morning to point us in the direction of the blogs of two of the participants, Paul Carr and Paul Walsh.

This is what happens when you fill a hotel with web entrepreneurs who have no qualms about sharing their experiences of the, er, accommodation.

How I learned to stop tipping and hate The Clift.
The hostile Clift or Hotel Clift.

One doubts if The Clift Hotel in San Francisco will ever be a favoured haunt of budding start-uppers after these seemingly well connected people have spread their ire though the blogosphere.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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