Saturday, April 12, 2008

Simple rules for promoting a new travel website

1) Timing is everything. Ensure ALL the elements of a new site are in place before telling the world.

2) Make sure the website matches the expectations coming from the pre-sent direct mail promotion.

3) Try not to choose a name which many of the target audience will associate with food from a fish and chip shop.

So this week's public relations FAIL comes from, which kindly sent out some launch material to hacks around the UK to promote its fantastic new site.

The online reality:

The offline reality:

Please try harder...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Dan G. said...


Travolution Blogger said...

Dan G: well, come on......

Vicky said...

Pukka pies are fine, whereas PukkaBeds is even stranger today than in your screengrab. All its sponsored links relate to bed shops!

BTW our local chip shop does a macaroni and cheese pie (well it is Scotland) - most tasty after a night on the Buckfast.