Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quotoid #11

Yen Lee, president, Uptake (formerly Kango)

When asked about differences between the US and Europe:

"What's surprised me is that when there are so many really strong brands in Europe, we've spent 80% of today talking about price. People don't go to Barcelona because it's cheap. They go because of what they can do there. Think more about the experience, rather than the cost."


Joe Buhler said...

Amen to that, Yen!
It's the industry that keeps shooting itself into its collective foot with this price focus, which has dominated the discussion since day one of online travel and then being surprised at the resulting mass media coverage that, of course, hammered away at this as well. When does the smart benefit emphasizing marketing finally kick in......?

Mark said...

Hummm, and I suppose the million or so people in fear of losing their house in the UK is something to ignore?

I don't think so....!