Sunday, April 06, 2008

Expedia videos look a bit dodgy

Expedia UK has a page on YouTube and is also dabbling in user-generated video content.

One of their efforts is this series of clips supposedly of random signs in hotels around the world. And it wants consumers to send in their own clips, etc, etc.

Rather amusing. But is it me or is the camera work and production just a little too polished - dare I say it, staged?

Are we being unfair?

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

Hat-tip: Hotel Review Guide

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Tim Walters said...

Ask a human being to take a clip of a funny sign, and they'll take a clip of the sign. Ask an ad campaign artiste and they'll pan over from the other side of the room, or start with the fireplace under the sign.

So yes, you're right about the production values. But you're still being unfair, since Expedia goes to the trouble to deflect the criticism in advance.

Note the strange passive formulation in the intro: Not, "Traveller's clips of funny hotel signs," but "The following signs have been spotted around the world." That wording allows one to get away with anything. ("Esteemed critic Kevin May read my book and the following words have been uttered by him.")