Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Declaration from Cheapflights

It seems the Google Trademark Issue (maybe we should trademark the phrase) is still sending the jitters throughout the industry.

The latest senior figure to wade in after recent news about a potential ollaboration behind the scenes and the amount of money some think they will lose has taken a different approach:

A public promise not to bid on its clients brand names.

The pledge comes from UK managing director for Cheapflights, Francesca Ecsery. This is an interesting move given that Cheapflights apparently splashes out a fair amount on PPC and could feasibly have spent even more once Google's policy changes in the next week or so.

We at Cheapflights would like to reassure our partners of the high ethical standards we hold towards our advertising partners.

As such, they have our guarantee that we would not do anything of detriment to their business, such as bidding on their brand names.

Brands will face stiff competition and may have to invest significantly more budget in protecting trademark terms from other players and affiliate sites with which they previously had none.

Ultimately, Google's PPC Quality Score algorithm will police the listings to ensure that only relevant ads appear.

Cheapflights’ relationship with its advertisers is its utmost priority and we would not do anything to jeopardise that. Therefore, we will continue to work closely in attracting the highest quality leads to their websites. drives the highest volume of traffic to the travel industry ranking second only to Google and welcomes businesses who are looking to diversify their industry leads.
Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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