Monday, March 10, 2008

What is it about running an online travel company?

David Soskin, chief executive of Cheapflights, steps down.

Chris Nixon, managing director of TravelSupermarket, steps down.

Brent Hoberman, chief executive of, steps down.

All loved being entrepreneurs. At least two weren't so keen on the numbers game, prefering to innovate and be in "start-up" mode.

Makes you think...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Alex said...

The surprise isn't that they have.... but that other companies haven't

In the first 3 years of their businesses Google, Ebay and Yahoo all brought in external CEOs (non founding)

Darren said...

Maybe it's a lack of a challenge in an established travel company? Makes sense considering most of them have gone on to start-ups.

Ed Whiting said...

I think they all are for different reasons - Brent Hoberman, because he sold the business and its not so interesting when it isn't your company and you have wealth, David Soskin because he wants the business to grow further to sell and thinks there needs to be different people to make it happen, Chris Nixon helped float the business and wants to chill out for a bit travelling with his family - maybe with the money he got from the float (guessing this one).

Sanver said...
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Travolution Blogger said...

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