Friday, March 07, 2008

The power of the Big G

Half the way through the afternoon at yesterday's PhoCusWright@ITB event, laptop-laden journalists and bloggers started shifting uncomfortably in their seats.

"The internet connection has gone", said one keyboard-stabbing blogger.

However it took a good few minutes or so before the assembled scribblers realised that it wasn't the web that had gone down, but Google and Google-owned properties, such as Mail, Blogger, YouTube and search.

We've seen no reports about Google having any problems yesterday, so it may have been a local issue to the wireless connectiuon we were all using.

It lasted only about 90 miniutes or so - but it was shocking so many assumed the web had gone down just because Google had disappeared off our screens!

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Richard Hartigan said...

Most likely to be a local issue. Google was only down for 7 minutes last year. For anyone that's interested that's seven more than Yahoo! and 1hr 41mins less

Travolution Blogger said...

Richard: cheers! where did you get that info?