Thursday, March 06, 2008

PhoCusWright@ITB 08 - Mobile push

So Gerry Samuels from Mobile Travel Technologies is on the main stage.

This is what happened in 2007:

  • Launch of the iPhone
  • Google Android
  • Mobile Web Advertising
  • Nokia bought Navtech
So what's up:
  • Costs of access
  • Multiple standards
  • Limited payment systems
Convergence is the real issue here. People use computers and mobiles in very different ways.

Indeed, mobiles are not being used for search and bookings - rather, they are better for what Samuels calls "services", especially in-resort.

The other area is in promotions. Some work for the Malmaison hotel chain, where a print display ad had a SMS number for readers to send to download Malmaison availability and information, saw an impressive 10% conversion rate once people got to their computers.

But there is a change. People are beginning to make last-minute bookings via a mobile phone, facilitated in part by the rise of Google Mobile, which is the most popular website - inevitably - on the mobile internet.

So are you ready for Google Mobile to find you?

You can find out right now:

Go to to see how well - or not - you rank on Google Mobile.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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