Saturday, February 09, 2008

When link-love isn't love

We get on average around five requests a week asking us to link to other sites - often for no other reason that we have a decent enough Google page rank, good traffic and perform very well on Technorati.

Unless it is a site where there is going to be some kind of value to our readers (an ecommerce or new media blog, new online travel blog, etc), we either politely turn down these requests - or ignore them.

We have built our reputation and healthy performance on the web by creating - hopefully! - decent content, rather than linking to blogs about ski goggles, clubbing in Ibiza or jungle adventure companies.


On a lighter note, Webmasterworld has produced this fantastic slab of sarcasm - How not to ask for a link: A few easy steps based on an email I just received.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution



Mark Hodson said...

Link god Eric Ward has an amusing example of a doomed link request here:

Vicky said...

Most amusing, thanks Kevin.

Right now I'm seeing an increase in these requests that mention Tips From The T List, though not a single request yet has made a half decent case for whats in it for me - or way more importantly, what's in it for my readers.

There's some great sites I subscribe too but don't link to, simply because they're off topic as it relates to my blog. I'm hardly likely to add links to sites that are off topic and not great!

Delight me with your great on-topic post that I will just have to share with readers. Then you will get a link.

Rant over ;-)

Darren Cronian said...

If your writing unique and interestng content you have no reason to get involved in link exchanges.

The issue for bloggers is do you no-follow your blogroll?