Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SES London - Google is really big!

The annual Search Engines Strategies gig in London this week is considered to be one of the biggest events in the calendar for digital marketers.

Our man with the laptop and a keen eye for new business new thinking on SEO is Matt Brocklehurst from Latitude Group.

He'll be sending a number of despatches throughout the three-day event.

Number 1:

It's been global - content-wise but also every speaker seems to be from the US. Isn't that what SES New York is for?

Anyway, I've found out that, guess what, Google is big, I mean really big internationally.

Presentations looking at the global search market confirmed that in Europe Google is the no 1 Search Engine in every country save Russia with Yandex and Czech Republic with Seznam.

But no matter whether you’re in Belgium or Bosnia, one of the keys to doing well in the natural rankings is the more local your site appears the better Google likes it.

So look at getting national extensions, .fr, .de etc, links from other local sites and, of course, use the native language. You also need to be careful with your keywords.

The Google algorithm for English speaking websites is more advanced and will group together and recognise similar words such as tour, touring or tours.

Not so in other languages. Google maybe everywhere but to succeed internationally you need to treat it different in each market.

Matt Brocklehurst, marketing director, Latitude

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