Saturday, January 26, 2008

Travel Blog Carnival - we're in the hotseat this week

Travel Rants recently launched it's Travel Blog Carnival, a project where other travel bloggers submit their best post of the week and then a group of us select the best ones from the list.

The first one we have picked is from FoxNoMad. Price of Transportation (POT) Vacation Budget Rule gives advice on how to work out a budget for a holiday based on the flight costs. It uses a rather simple formula which is actually rather neat for both domestic and international trips. Clever.

Next in our trio of winners is this highly political effort by White Point Manor Weblog - which outlines the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. We particularly like the introduction, when explaining what the WHTI is:

If you ask most people in Canada the consensus would be that it is a paranoid reaction by American Homeland Security to the notion that the Canadian border is made of Swiss cheese. And that there are versions of Bin Laden behind every moose waiting to crawl through the porous 49th parallel.
Nice and topical.

Finally we have selected another fine turn from Les Explorers. Claude describes the major differences he has seen on different websites when trying to book his trip to Berlin for this tear's ITB. It's all about distribution!

Well done to all.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Music Before the Money said...

HI Kevin,

Thanks for the nod!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kevin, I'm glad you found the POT trick useful.