Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pivotal moments of 2007 for online travel

The holiday season approaches - 2008 beckons...

We want to collect the opinions of the travel industry in order to compile a list of the biggest news stories and most important developments of 2007.

We will add ALL entries made via the comments section into the main post. Also, feel free to copy this post onto your own blog or site and re-post it with your suggestions. A worthwhile Meme to end the year.

The list begins:

  • Thomas Cook-MyTravel merger (Travolution) - the start of a new shape for the European travel industry.
  • MoneySupermarket-TravelSupermarket floatation (TravelRemark)
  • Avis launching a blog (Avis)
  • DoSomethingDifferent making their content available to OTAs (DoSomethingDifferent)
Good luck and thanks in advance...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Xavier Vallee, Avis UK said...


I hope you don't mind a bit of self promotion!

I'd like to enter the launch of the Avis Blog as one of these moments.

I think Avis signalled to the car hire industry that we needed to seize the new opportunities of Travel 2.0 and become increasingly transparent and fair with our customers.

It also won the SOCAP award for innovation in customer service, and more importantly the top corporate travel blog on Travel Rants!! (cheers Darren).

Coylie said... making their content available via OTA's and the wider Trade sector :-)

Travolution Blogger said...

Xavier and Coylie: Yes, we DO mind a bit of self-promotion.

Please take this seriously...

Xavier Vallee, Avis UK said...

I was being serious! I truly think that what we have done took serious guts and vision, but that's just me.

Do you have an email to take this offline?


Travolution Blogger said...

you can contact me on kevin.may[at]

Ed Whiting said...

Hi Kev,

I believe a pivotal moment during 2007 was the Moneysupermarket / Travelsupermarket floatation. This has had an impact in the online travel industry. I have added my reason on my blog

Travolution Blogger said...

Ed: i have added your comments and a link into the main post. thanks.

Bobby Healy, CarTrawler said...

Certainly it would have to be the Enterprise acquisition of Vanguard (Alamo/National) that was the big
highlight of the car sector. In
one move Enterprise have become
the largest North American car rental
company (replacing Hertz). If this
kind of consolidation is a feature of
'08, there could be some very interesting repercussions within the distribution area for these companies.