Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Online travel agencies are the new toilet cleaners

Interesting conversations yesterday with the boss of a new-ish online travel outfit and, later, with a senior figure in the digital marketing community.

Big question marks over the role of online travel agencies.

But this remark is in an interesting, if rather bizarre, one:

OTAs pretty much created this industry - but they are no longer growing. Suppliers are now driving the innovation and user experience. Before, everyone else was standing around cleaning the toilets, but it has corrected itself because of the power of the internet.
I suspect Messrs McCaig, Halpin, Martos, Josephs and Furner will disagree.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Kane said...

Travel is a giant market and most OTAs are still generating good growth. There is a role to play for agents, operators, holiday component specialists and price comparison websites. The market changes so fast that no single player can afford to become complacent, but I would expect the OTAs to be around for some time yet!

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