Monday, December 17, 2007

Expedia's Dara in the Financial Times

Dara Khosrowshahi talks to the FT today about Expedia's plans for Europe (and beating the likes of TUI Travel and Thomas Cook Group) and other territories.

In a nutshell:

  • Expedia is more agile than its competitors because it is pureplay online and has few assets.
  • "Aggressive" marketing campaign next year for Europe
  • China will become like the US in terms of behaviour
  • New internationally focussed strategy
  • Online travel agencies will continue growth
Kevin May, editor, Travolution

1 comment:

JEB at Buhlerworks said...

Them's fightin' words....! by Dara. No doubt he'll try to expand aggressively around the world but in Europe the Old Boys won't be lying down it seems, although they overslept initially by underestimating how fast the trend to online will happen. In parts of their overall business it could actually be an advantage to own the assets as this could prevent easy access to inventory for the new player at certain key destinations for Europeans where they still rely on charter flights. I'm not sure about the value of owning real estate in the form of high street shops.

As for China, it's going to take a while until the volume is there and transactions are truly done online. As long as bicycle messengers delivering airline tickets and collecting cash payment are still part of the distribution chain I have my doubts.... We shall see!