Thursday, November 01, 2007

Travolution Autumn Conf: A quick quiz from Jumeirah

Pop quiz, hotshot. Jumeirah's Kristie Goshow gives us the following details and asks us which channel we think the customer booked through...

  • Couple
  • Not familiar with the Jumeirah brand
  • Found a Jumeirah hotel in a Conde Nast advertorial
  • Watched videos of the hotel on Youtube
  • Checked it out on Tripadvisor
  • Asked friends and family
  • Looking for a seven-night stay, at a budget of around £3,000

It's based on a real customer. Any guesses how they booked?

Nathan Midgley


twblog said...

Travel agent.

Nathan (Travo Conf. live blogger) said...

Right you are - though customers of this type also go in for direct phone sales, apparently. On the second booking, after they've come to trust the brand, they're more likely to book online.