Thursday, November 01, 2007

Travolution Autumn Conf: Proof that gorillas can't do marketing

Yahoo's Tracey Cheffey - standing in for Richard Firminger, who was sadly incapacitated - has been impressing on us the importance of integrating display and search advertising.

She cautions marketers to remember that offline executions inspire searches, and that consumers who arrive on a brand site after a display-inspired search tend to be more engaged and more willing to spend.

A cautionary tale? Okay. Apparently the Cadbury Gorilla, which as readers will know is EVERYWHERE, only appears fourth on a Google search of 'Cadbury gorilla', behind Youtube, and - horror of horrors - free commuter paper the Metro.

Bit of a waste, Tracey fairly points out.

No doubt some readers will think that this serves the gorilla right, but I'm not going to get involved.

Nathan Midgley

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Anonymous said...

I think this is all well and good to point out whether or not the Gorilla campaign produced high search results...I think Cadburys will be more concerned about how many chocolate bars they sold.
A fact sometimes forgotten about marketing campaign aims !