Thursday, November 01, 2007

Travolution Autumn Conf: Broadcasters talk multi-channel

Some interesting examples from this morning's speakers on multi-channel media.

Broadly, we hear it conceptualised two ways. First as a way of reaching multiple audiences with varied media preferences (Caroline Knight of observes that a show might have 10 million TV viewers with limited interest in consuming content online, but another smaller audience whose preferences run the other way).

Second, as a way of extending core content to create several touch points for each individual. Red Bee Media's Sarah Alexander points to the success of the Life on Mars series two campaign, whose 1970s-themed posters and booklets so enthused the audience in the real world that they were pinched and hawked on eBay.

Similarly, Caroline points to I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, which used several channels (TV, online video feeds, mobile voting and so forth) to create 'five impact points a day' for fans.

Medianiks note that you now have two five-a-day regimes: fruit and veg, and channels.

Both ways of approaching multi-channel are arguably extremes - one has consumers approaching the choice of media monogamously, the other promiscuously.

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