Friday, October 12, 2007

Top travel destinations

We never do this on the Travolution Blog, for no other reason that we just haven't got round to it and it seems a bit consumer-esque, but I am intrigued by what types of places industry people actually like.

In no particular order, my favourite destinations:

A selection of others:
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Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Dan G. said...

North-West Scotland
Santander, Spain
Alhambra, Granada, also Spain
Northern Thailand
San Francisco

John Franks said...

ring of kerry (ireland)
capri (italy)
venice (italy)
krakow (poland)
istanbul (turkey)

Anonymous said...

Malmo (Sweden)
Cancun (Mexico)
Brecon Beacons (Wales)
London (England)
Tasmania (Australia)

mlf said...

Brighton, England
Paris, France
Marrakech, Morocco
New Orleans, USA
Sydney, Australia

ben cooper said...

Old Havana, Cuba
Nothing can beat Havana - an evocative, crumbling ruin of a city - for faded grandeur. The streets are intoxicatingly colorful, and hum with all manner of life and music - neverending music.

Sevilla, Spain
One of the most beautiful old quarters in Europe (particularly away from the touristy - but undeniably stunning - Santa Cruz) Out to the west, the Alfalfa and the Macarena are a jumble of narrow streets, tumbledown palaces, scruffy neighborhood tapas bars and gorgeous churches.

Tobago, (Trinidad & Tobago)
Slow-paced, gorgeous beaches, great seafood, fantastic diving and snorkeling, there're even rainforests... And the friendliest people in the world!

Fez, Morocco
A vast medieval hive - dark, troubling, frequently noxious and utterly compelling. There's nowhere in the world that can match it.

Alhama de Granada, Spain (again!)
This tiny little town high up on the road between Granada and Malaga is impossibly dramatic. Set on a gorge, and surrounded on all sides by mountains, rolling fields of corn and holm oak woods. The town itself is overflowing with Moorish atmosphere and that feeling of sadness attached of the reconquest, tangible throughout Andalucia...

David Flemming said...

Barcelona, Spain
Rome, Italy
Prague, Czech Republic
Tel Aviv, Israel
Dubai, UAE

Colin Maddocks said...

The Lakes
New York

roddick said...

for more

Anonymous said...


1)Trinidad and Tobago (both, check out carnival, you will be reborn)
2)Capri (Italy)
3)Krakow (Poland)
4)Old Havana (Cuba)
5)Whistler (BC)

-istanbul, barcelona, seville and san fransico