Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Multi-level Marketing mayhem

Alex Bainbridge has done a sterling job of trying to unravel the rather thorny issue of multi-level marketing in travel.

His post is bascially an analysis of a large MLM company in the US, - the business model, how "agents" can earn money, etc.

The practice is highly controversial, being likened by some to pyramid selling and the Ponzi Scheme.

From a travel perspective, YTBTravel claim the programme creates "millionaires" out of hundreds of thousands of workers.


YTBTravel chief executive Kim Sorensen was even moved recently to suggest that "we have a firm belief that as our sales increase, the YTB concept will be legitimized".

Does that mean it isn't now?

Bainbridge (probably sensibly) sits on the fence. Those posting comments do not. Bainbridge even outs an anonymous commenter as being from YTB. [Yes, we're thinking of doing the same with some of the anonymous commenters here]

It's a long post but well worth a read...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Prem Anand said...

Well, i am also in to online business more of MLM type. i wud rather take up business where in, even if the person joining does not enroll anyone, he still takes back his invest + Profit. I am doing more of investment in Forex. here if he/she introduces more people they will make more money than normal. if he/she does not introduce any one ,they still make money for the money invested in forex. i never give false commitment.
-Prem Anand from India