Friday, October 26, 2007

Google Page Rank - anyone hit?

Full post coming later on - just trying to get to the bottom of this story in terms of travel.

Have any readers seen their Google Page Rank plummet in the last few days?

Lots of theories being banded around. We've spoken to an SEO agency and an affiliate network and will report back later.

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Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Peter said...

I saw a few of my search keywords dropped ranking. Not sure if this is related to the PR drop you mentioned.

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Cabin Girl Annie said...

A lot of people in the blogging-tips/internet marketing/seo world were, and some big authority (news/college) sites too. The main theory I've heard is that it's a penalty for those who sell links, but some sites got dinged that don't sell links. There are also theories about big blog networks who massively link together their sites (Weblogs, Inc, etc.).

If it doesn't cause a drop in your traffic, it's probably not worth sweating much over.

Claude said...

I don't see any change even my blog is part of Creative Weblogging network (130 blogs interliking)

still have a page rank = 6

SEO isn't all about Google ! Hopefully

best regards from France


Albert Barra said...

I have been blessed by google.

Page Rank 5


Claude said...

Google takes a bullet in his foot ;-)

YouTube has dropped from a PR 8 to a PR 3 according to most Google data centres.

Strange game, maybe they lost their best engineers who are going to FaceSoft !